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Within 1-3 working days (dependent on location).

Once your order details has been received by a member of the VBEL team, we will be in contact with you!


Contact us utilising our contact form with the details of your order.

You can provide any screenshots of errors experienced.


VBEL has several methods of delivering your items to your door in the most cost effective manner. Your delivery method may be one of the following:

  1. If your items are small (0-3kg), they will be delivered via TTPOST courier where a flat shipping fee will be charged
  2. For all other items (blocks, cement, pipes, wood, aggregate etc.), your shipping method will be dependent on the weight of your items as well as your location (via VBEL delivery trucks)

Simply enter your address on the checkout page to view your shipping cost of your items which have been added to your cart.


Contact us utilising our contact form with the details.


OF COURSE! VBEL has ensured that our site is secure for our visitors by utilising SSL certificates which ensures that your information is encrypted and secure. Just look for the “https” or the lock symbol on our Checkout page where your information will be required. 

Our partners at WiPay are also PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. This security standard  refers to the technical and operational standards that businesses must follow to ensure that credit card data provided by cardholders is protected. 


VBEL’s shipping cost is dependent on your location entered on the Checkout page. Hence it is important that you enter the correct delivery address.

If the incorrect address was entered and payment has been processed the following steps will take place prior to dispatch of goods:

  1. A member of the VBEL team will first contact you to verify delivery location
  2. If the location differs from that which was entered, VBEL will check whether or not there will be any difference in shipping costs to be applied
  3. If there is a difference in shipping cost (shipping cost is more than what was initially processed), an invoice will be sent either via e-mail or whatsapp for the difference in payment to be processed prior to release and delivery of your items.

If for any reason our delivery drivers have reached the destination which was entered on your checkout page and is then directed to other locations, VBEL will first confirm with the driver whether or not to release items based on difference in delivery costs. If there is a difference, the customer must either process difference in payment immediately or items will be not be released

If items are returned to VBEL, please note that the shipping fees are non-refundable. However, refunds will be processed at our office for the cost of MATERIALS only.


Once all items have been delivered to our customers, the following steps will be executed:

  1. The customer must first confirm invoice number with the delivery driver (this will be available either on invoice sent via e-mail or Whatsapp once order was processed). 
  2. Your items will be offloaded in the required spaces designated – note that items will only be offloaded up to where our delivery vehicles have access to 
  3. The customer will be presented with a delivery note to confirm receipt of their items. A copy of this delivery note will be left with the customer and the original is returned with VBEL’s delivery driver


VBEL’s store is located at #14 Piarco Old Road, D’Abadie